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WELCOME Fresh Food TEL: 07 3345 7688

Shop Address
Shop 91, Sunnybank Plaza,
Cnr. Mains Rd. & McCullough St.,
Sunnybank Qld 4109

Trading Hours (Open 7 Days)
Monday-Saturday 8.30am-7pm
Sunday 9am-6pm
Public holiday 9am-6pm
Closed on Christmas Day & Boxing Day

Tel: 07 3345 7688

VIP Card
Great SAVINGS for frequent shoppers! A VIP Card can be obtained free of charge when shoppers spend over $68 in one purchase. The card is valid for 2 years from the day of issuing. Card holders will be offered discounts when presenting the card to the cashier in their future visit.


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WELCOME Fresh Food

The convenience of a modern store with
the traditional feel of a local Asian market place.

We are located in Sunnybank on the southside of Brisbane, Queensland. We specialize in Asian groceries including Taiwanese, Japanese, Chinese, Hong Kong, Malaysian and Korean foods as well as locally produced Asian style foods.

WELCOME Fresh Food is proud to be the most specialized Asian food supermarket in the Brisbane area. We get fresh produce in our shop on a daily basis and we boast the most comprehensive range of vegetarian products.


Choose from the biggest range of locally grown high quality Chinese vegetables and seasonal fruits and vegetables all delivered fresh daily. You can be assured of the highest quality and best prices.
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Produce Produce

Daily home-made fresh foods
In addition to our large range of imported products, we offer over 100 home-made items which are made fresh daily. For example, Chinese bread buns, hot sticky-rice dumplings, fresh sticky-rice balls, pork buns and a variety of Asian cakes and rolls.
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Sauces and Seasoning
Sauces and Seasoning
Welcome Fresh Food stocks a large range of imported sauces and seasonings from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong etc. including the biggest brand names like Kikkoman, Lee Kum Kee, Kimlan, Knorr and so on.
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You will be impressed with our comprehensive range of confectionary and snack foods which cater to all ages and tastes. Select from famous Asian brands like Calbee, Pocky, I-Mei, Glico and Hello Kitty and we are exclusive importers of Serena snacks and baby snacks, for example Calcium+ Ball Cake and Honey Ball Cake for infants as young as 3 months.
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Take a look at our vast selection of imported drinks. We stock the biggest brands of juice, energy drinks, tea, grass-jelly drinks, coconut milk and herbal tea drinks such as Pokka, Yeo’s, Vita Soy, Heysong etc.
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Frozen Foods
We have locally-made pork balls, Chinese sausages, dumplings (pork, seafood, beef), sliced meats like pork, chicken and beef (ideal for hotpots and BBQ), not mention dimsims, BBQ pork buns, Indian Rotti and a large range of frozen seafood (Banana prawns, scallops, Roasted eel, Cod Fillet, Squids etc).
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Frozen Foods Frozen Foods

Vegetarian Products
Welcome Fresh Food is one of the major importer and distributor of vegetarian food in Australia. We specialize in imports of vegetarian products which are manufactured in well-known and certified companies in Taiwan such as Ten-In Food, VegeFarm Food, Ju-Chai Vegetarian Food, CK Vegetarian Food etc. The products range from raw materials like soybean curd and wheat gluten to delicious ready-to-serve dishes which provide convenience for busy people in modern life.
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Vegetarian Products